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Sunday, July 1, 2012

Natural Health & amp Wellness Centre

Applied Kinesiology
AltApplied Kinesiology is a safe, non-invasive reliable method for assessing sensitivities to various foods, synthetic chemicals and other environmental allergens. Applied Kinesiology uses a neuromuscular biofeedback circuit between a specific muscle and the brain. In the test, a muscle is challenged and the response is recorded by the ability of the muscle to hold and maintain its strength. Children find Applied Kinesiology to be a fun interactive game.

Ear Coning
Ear Candling is a safe, non-invasive method for removing outer ear debris such as wax, flaky skin and bacteria. Ear Candling begins with a "linen lined beeswax candle" gently inserted into the ear, the linen is ignited and with the shape and heat of the candle, a gentle vacuum is created stimulating blood circulation and lymphatic drainage. Many people comment on a light drawing sensation often clearing sinuses as well. A gentle sinus and upper neck massage is performed to enhance the circulation removing microscopic toxins and impurities. Ear Candling is safe for all ages and most effective for children.

Biotherapeutic Drainage
Biotherapeutic Drainage is the gentle use of homeopathic remedies to encourage the process of detoxifying the body by opening the emunctories and then discharging the toxic accumulation. An emunctory is any tissue which is capable of allowing excretions to exit out of the body. These excretions may include heavy metals such as lead, mercury, aluminum; synthetic chemicals from environmental toxins, pharmaceutical residues or even microbials such as fungi, parasites or moulds.

AltWhen the natural excretory system is blocked by congested material or inadequate for normal breakdown, the body will develop a condition, or illness, often referred to as an "itis" such as arthritis or sinusitis or tendonitis. The four primary emunctories are the skin, intestines, lung and urinary tract. The liver, stomach and pancreas are not tissues that permit removal of wastes to the exterior of the body; however, they perform many essential tasks in supporting the function of the primary emunctories.
Chakra Energy Balancing:Chakras are energy centers which act as gateways between various dimensions - centers where activity of one dimension such as an emotional activity connects and plays upon another dimension such as the physical body. This then plays a role in how we interact with the outside world and governs our interactions with others. There are seven major chakra centers each one associated with the seven basic levels of consciousness.

Chakras can be open, closed or any of the various stages in between. The quality and quantity of energy that moves in and about a chakra has to do with how open or closed it may be. For example, a person who has a closed fifth chakra (communication) would feel choked up and would have an unwillingness to change. During a Chakra Energy Balancing session, the Practitioners hands are used as vessels to sense the energy or lack of energy in and around a chakra. Through subtle movements, the practitioner is able to clear blockages and release energy to help balance and restore harmony. This being done, the individual feels a sense of calmness, often clarity and an overall sense of balance within not only the physical plane, but the mental, emotional and spiritual planes as well.

AltElectro Magnetic Field Balancing:The electromagnetic field patterns of an individual are aligned through a series of gentle stretching and clearing of the energy anatomy. During or after a balancing, clients often feel a warmth or tingling as energy is moved about the body. Some have expressed a feeling of wholeness as EMF balancing allows a client to experience his or her own electromagnetic field. As a certified EMF practitioner, I encourage clients to share thoughts with me while I rebalance his or her energy fields.
Reiki:(ray-key): As a Reiki master of over 12 years, my hands have been privileged to share the healing aspects of this ancient Japanese healing art of lying on of hands. In Japan, the word "Ki" means "universal life energy" and it is from this word that Reiki is named. Reiki is a form of channelling "Ki" energy for healing. Reiki is different to massage. Reiki clears and balances blocked energy by laying hands gently and specifically over key areas of the body. This relaxing and mindful therapy is used for chronic pain and illnesses, reducing stress and for a personal awakening and awareness to one's own energy patterns.

Ion Cleanse
Today, we live in the most polluted environment in the earth's known history.

We continually inhale and assimilate residues from petrochemicals, plastics and pesticides. All are harmful toxins that occupy cell receptor sites and block hormone utilization. Consider the following statistics:

* 1,600% increase in birth defects since 1980
* 250% increase in breast cancer since 1980
* 59% decrease in male sperm count since 1940
* 500% increase in cancer mortality since 1900
* 400% increase in heart disease since 1900

While no process or modality can guarantee the prevention of these conditions, it is logical to assume that an ongoing detoxification program - the act of minimizing toxic accumulations in the body - will reduce the incidence of chronic degenerative disease and improve overall quality of life.

Independent scientific research has shown one safe nonintrusive way to detoxify the body is through an ionizing cleansing. By converting AC electricity to low power DC electricity, the current flows through a patented array electrode system that sits in the footbath. The electricity and the metal combine to split the water molecule into H+ and OH- ions. These ions travel through the body, neutralize oppositely charged particles and through powerful osmotic pressure pull those neutralized particles out of the body through the feet back into the water.

As the feet contain approximately 5000 entry - exit points, the foot bath is a practical solution for detoxifying children, adults, seniors, disabled or handicapped people.

The Ion Cleanse Process:

AltVarious colors and debris material in the water indicate which cellular areas of the body are detoxifying.

For example, brown indicates detoxifying from the liver, tobacco and cellular debris. Orange indicates detoxifying from the joints. Ten different color patterns have been identified representing various toxic debris and cellular areas.

Clients report improved comfort through regular cleansing. Ongoing and periodic detoxification combined with a healthy lifestyle and proper nutritional supplementation is essential for good health.

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