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Saturday, June 16, 2012

Yuen Method

Yuen Method™ is Chinese energetic system used to clear blockages that have manifested in an individuals mind, body or spirit that have created blocks to any aspect of the individual’s well-being. Dr. Kam Yuen developed this technique after a lifetime of study in martial arts—as a 35th generation Shaolin Master—and in structural engineering, chiropractic medicine, nutritional therapy, and homeopathy. The Yuen Method is a blend of Qi and Shen Gong Chinese energetic techniques, quantum physics, anatomy, structural analysis, and physiology.

The premise being the body is likened to a physhological biocomputer with many light switches, you are either on of off, strong of weak to any given issue. Pain is a sign that their is a block to the flow of energy in the body. Yuen Method™ energetics helps identify these weakeness’/blocks that can be from any part of a persons being: physical, mental, emotional, spiritual and clear them, leading to a shift in the persons to a focus on more ease and less dis-esae.

AltHow the Yuen Method can work for you:

Emotions – anger, frustration, guilt, and grief can be released to create a sense of lightness and wellness.

Relationships can be transformed effortlessly, by releasing emotions.

Pains – the root cause of knee, back, neck, shoulder, and body pain can be eliminated.

Stress – release of stress around home, work, and relationships can be felt instantly.

Vision – reduction of eye fatigue and strain can strengthen the eyes.

Weight – do you have emotional issues with food that don’t serve you anymore? Eliminate the layers of issues around eating and food.

Pregnancy & Birth – fears can be removed instantly, the baby can be checked energetically.

Pets and animals can be worked on.

People seem to think they need to take something to feel better. This technique works by removing fears, collective consciousness, ancestral influences, all the way to your DNA, and the quantum level to make changes to the core of you being, eliminating the cause of the condition, letting your body heal itself.

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