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Saturday, June 16, 2012

Shamanic Healing

What is Shamanism?

Shamanism is a broad word used to refer to the traditional techniques of healing used by indigenous peoples of all lands.  They were the person within the tribe or village that were the spiritual leader of their people.  They often worked with different spiritual and physical healing techniques.  They used these techniques to working with physical, mental, emotional spiritual or sexual imbalance or sickness, illness and disease.  Leading the person through a journey of self was often the process of healing that was used.  This was a journey through healing and discover of who that person had become through their life experiences.  The techniques that were, and are used even today, are as varied as there are different cultures.  One common theme they all have is the same basis of working with spirit, energy work, healing and self-discovery.  There have been many comparisons in our current mental health system with shamanism and psychology.  In many ways psychology sprung from shamanism and psychologists have been called the shaman of today.In my travels though my adulthood I have studied through different teachers within the similar system of shamanism and some from very different paths.  As a healer the basis of the teachings that I use come mainly from the Mayan, Peruvian, and Southern American Native peoples.   The techniques are variations of the techniques those people used.  The Mayans knew that there would always be better ways to do ceremony and use healing techniques.  With that belief in mind, their peoples left space within their system of healing for discovery of techniques in other traditions that may work better.  They also knew that as their peoples evolved and changed that their system of healing would need to change with it.  So what you will see is a weaving of techniques within what I do of different traditions and techniques proven to work.

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