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Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Best Practices Guide for Ayurvedic Massage – Part I

There exist a variety ofapproaches and procedures that could be adopted for doing some job and some ofthem could be quite common and some might be the best to opt for maximumresults. Same is the case with Ayurvedicmassage, different aspects should be considered before, during and afterthe treatment which will help ripping off the maximum results. Following aresome of the best practices that an individual should consider if willing to gofor an Ayurvedic massage treatment.

One should be ready for themassage and should not be engaged in arduous tasks before the treatment becauseit will not yield the valuable results due to the strain and stress that mighthave caused due that hard job – so avoiding rough and tough tasks before thetreatment is essential.

Since, all massages andtreatments are tailored according to the nature and skin of the individual thatinclude massage type, oils and herbals. Therefore, having a discussion withtherapist to assist him designing a suitable massage and mixtures for youbecause not all oils are suitable for everyone and each person’s skin may be differentor require certain oils or herbs which may not be suitable for anyone else.

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