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Monday, September 12, 2011

Ayurvedic Massage – An Ancient Medical Treatment yet Effective! – Part II

Ayurvedictreatment in fact is aligned with principles of easing and exercise in order tomaintain health. For example, taking appropriate meal before and after themassage or therapy or some exercise to avoid any risk of fitness. However, ayurvedic massage helps you to detoxifyand cleanse your body and skin in order to boost effectiveness of immune systemthat ultimately energizes you to stay protected and helps you to avoiddifferent diseases while keeping you in good health. Alongside, ayurvedictreatment helps you with medical conditions to ameliorate your well-being. Toyield maximum value of Ayurveda, you must be prepared before you undertaketherapy or massage and should take care of fundamental principles of Ayurveda likeslipping of your engagements or having heavy meals before treatment andsimilarly to refrain from alcohol as well. As a precaution, you must be awareof the fact that any Ayurvedic therapist who would tailor the treatmentaccording to your skin type and body may ask you questions about your health inorder to choose the best essential oil and kind of massage to would suit yourbody – so to disclose if there is any medical concern or aspect to avoid anyhazard or problem like if you are pregnant than importantly not all of the oilsor massage types will be suitable which could be otherwise. Therefore, beforeyou get ready for the therapy you must be prepared for it and you should letyour therapist know about your possible medical concerns.

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