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Monday, November 1, 2010

Tantra Massage Tips And Techniques That Will Drive Her To Really Want You!

Using Tantra massage is a great way to grow closer as a couple. This kind of touch isn’t about intercourse, but it is about very intense orgasms that take your time in the bedroom to a whole new level. In Tantric massage, a man’s penis is called Lingam (wand of light), while the vagina is called Yoni (sacred space), and both sexes should learn massage techniques to help their partners achieve orgasm.

Tantra massage can be done naked or while fully clothed, if you are a new couple and not ready to be nude in front of one another yet. Sensual massage is about making your lover feel relaxed, so while you can eventually move to massage a stimulation of the sexual organs, new couples may simple want to start with full body massages that skip over the naughty bits. Be gentle, but firm in your touching, and always communicate with your partner to see if you are using the right amount of intensity.
The best way to start a massage is to set the mood with dim lighting, scented candles, and soft music. While this may seem cliché, it is actually extremely relaxing. Even if you’ve never given a massage before, start by rubbing your partner’s neck, back and shoulders. The focus here is not to give a professional massage, which often works on muscle groups, but rather simply to relax your partner with soothing, loving touches. Don’t ignore the arms, hands, legs, and feet either during a Tantra massage.
If you feel ready, you can move on to a Lingam massage or Yoni massage, but no matter how comfortable you are as a couple, this type of massage should always start with massing other parts of the body. The focus is not on orgasm, but on helping your partner feel relaxed and happy. The orgasms come later, I promise!

Make sure you use lubrication during this massage, as it is important for your touches to be as gentle as possible, at least at first. There’s no need to hurry through the massage. In fact, you want it to last as long as possible, with your lover just enjoying the sensations. If you want him or her to orgasm, you can eventually increase the intensity of the massage to make this happen, but never rush your partner through the process. Tanta massage is all about your partner simply taking pleasure in the feeling of the massage.

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